Stefan Berger


Stefan Berger, born 1984 in Stuttgart studied double bass at the Weimar University of music (2006-2008) and the Cologne conservatory (2008-2010). Bands and orchestras of all kind of music styles have brought him to countries such as France, the balkan regions, Indonesia and Russia. He was invited to recite at the International Jazz Music Festival Samara (Russia), the Burghausen Jazz Week, the Riverboat Festival Silkeborg (Denmark), the Zappanale and many more. He was also featured in television and radio broadcast in Germany, Russia and Greece. As double bass player, bass guitarist, composer and freelance stage musician Stefan Berger participates in numerous Projects situated all among Germany.

Stefan Berger on tangoX
„For me, the uniqueness of the Argentine tango lies in its symbiosis of playful demands, an emotional range and the joy I experience while listening. The challenges for a double bass player are both technical and sound-related. tangoX manages to fit an entire orchestra into a small band while highlighting aspects of lightness and spontaneity by adding influences of Jazz. „