Bart Rademakers

tangoX: Bart Rademakers
Photo: Ingrid Lezwijn

Bart Rademakers works as a pianist, arranger and bandleader in Holland and abroad both in the classical field as well as jazz, rock, Latin, and entertainment and theater music. He studied at the Conservatory in Maastricht. Since 1970 he has played in, among others, the bands of Emiel van Egdom (Culea), Gé Titulaer, and in his own bands, as well as big bands and larger orchestras (BigBand ’77, Orchester Willy Schobben, Orchester Frank Valdor, BigBand Swing Design, Jack Million Band, Orchester Lex van Wel). For the past decades he has regularly toured in the US with the big band Swing Design. In addition, he composes and works on theater music for small and large theater productions. Until recently, he was a lecturer at the Toneelacademie in Maastricht.

Bart Rademakers on tangoX

„For me, tango contains all of the essential musical elements: rhythm, melody, multiple harmonies, the rough and the smooth, tranquility as well as dynamism and passion. All of those wrapped up in one genre with room for improvisation and enthusiasm. If you can then work with fellow musicians to offer this …“