Johanna Schmidt

tangoX: Johanna-Schmidt
Photo: Hans Ludwig Moll

Johanna Schmidt, Violin, comes from a family of musicians. She studied violin under K. Guntner at the School of Music in Munich and piano under A. Kontarsky at the School of Music in Cologne. Besides playing in tangoX, she is the violinist of the Klezmer group „Dance of Joy “ and of the „Duo Tarantelle“ She is also the pianist of the duo „Miss Pepperblue“

Since 2000, she has increasingly dedicated herself to compositional and improvisational work. CD recordings with various chamber music ensembles as well as concerts at home and abroad.

Johanna Schmidt on tangoX

„Maybe I am fascinated by tango because its roots lie in the cultures of different peoples; its origin is colorful and mixed, its language is universal, and its impression is clearly and unmistakably shaped by the lives of the people. The expressiveness of the music, ranging from melancholy to aggressiveness, mixes with my playing style very well. I find it appealing to rearrange previously existing compositions into arrangements for tangoX with the other musicians. I am also inspired by tangoX to write original pieces for this group.“